Cheryl Ting Siew Lee, Sibu Sarawak, Malaysia
BA (Hons) Hospitality Management - University of Central Lancashire, UK
I enjoyed myself so much when I first arrived Preston in September to start my course. I really thank Madam Lau Educational Services for introducing this course to me and reach my goal of working in London. I am now working in London with a satisfactory salary.

Carter Wong Kee Ong, Sibu Sarawak, Malaysia
MSc in Microelectronic and Communication Engineering - Northumbria University, UK
I thank all the staffs of Madam Lau Educational Services to sort out my problems and secure a place in Northumbria University. I had graduated in 2003 and I am now working in Newcastle. Thank you, Madam Lau. Your services are excellence and I recommend all students who want the best advice on overseas education to approach you. "

Daniel Wong Teck Lung, Sibu Sarawak, Malaysia.
Medical Degree, Year 2 - Kursk State Medical University, Russia
Through Madam Lau Educational Services, I get to know about Kursk State Medical University. Madam Lau explains all the detailed information about Kursk before I go there. For those who are interested in KSMU, please contact Madam Lau. Hope to see you here.
Myo Min Oo, Yangon, Myanmar
BA (Hons) in Business Studies - School of Technology & Management (London)
The first time I get to know Madam Lau Educational Services is at an education fair. She spends a lot of time in my application procedures especially my visa since I am a Burmese. I appreciated her help. Do pay her a visit when you face any problem in further studying.

Ngu Mee Chui, Sibu Sarawak, Malaysia (Parent of Hii Poung Hieng)
Biotechnology Programme - Asian Institute of Medicine, Science & Technology.
MLES has helped me to choose the economical way for my son to further his studies. I will definitely recommend my friends to look for Madam Lau regarding the matter of further studies.

Shin Jung Mi and Jung Eun Sook, Korea
English Language
Then we are in Korea, we wish to go further studies in foreign countries. We thank Madam Lau for helping us to apply for the institution in Malaysia and help us to process the visa. Without your help and guidance, we are sure that we would not be able to secure a placement for ourselves. Thank you, Madam Lau Educational Service.
Annie Ngu Siew Ling Sibu Sarawak, Malaysia
BSc (Hons) Software Engineering - University of Nottingham Trent, UK
I was introduced to Madam Lau Educational Services when I came to choose the suitable colleges to further my studies and I find that the dedication granted to me was excellent!! Madam Lau had done a wonderful job in helping me and ensuring my applications go up as soon as possible. KBU International College and The Nottingham Trent University, my previous college and university, bring me satisfaction and improvement. I am recommending her portal to all my friends.
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